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Mentor's Vision
Abhishek Rathi
Abhishek Rathi

Chief Mentor
IIT Delhi Alumnus.

Kapil Gupta
Kapil Gupta

Ex-COO & HOD Physics
Bansal Classes, Kota.

Competitive exams are getting increasingly difficult and always evolving both in nature of questions and format. To be successful in these exams, one needs to have an access to the best study material, teaching faculty and teaching methodology. The Teaching community in Kota is constantly evaluating these dynamic patterns, evolving their teaching methodology and study material to reflect these trends. With DPU Centre for Excellence our goal is to make competitive exams a fair game where all students have access to similar study material and selection in competitive exams.

Our team, led by Kapil Gupta and Abhishek Rathi has coached over thousands of successful IIT-JEE / NEET aspirants including numerous top rankers. Our twenty years of experience has played a crucial role in developing the academic program and pedagogical model of Kota. Now with DPU Centre for Excellence we will bring the complete synthesis of Kota education system to every student associated with us in Pune.